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Research   and   Strategic Business Consulting

  • High quality research and expert services to small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs
  • Since 1996

    Research Services

  • Market research, customer surveys and studies on technology and industrial sectors for the needs of development projects in enterprises. Often concerning a novelty with no corresponding earlier research.
  • Combining various research methods, practical experience and theoretical knowledge to match the customer needs. Aiming at immediate use in the business of the customer.
  • What kind of research can we help your enterprise with?
  • Also regional studies and industrial sector studies for example on innovation environment - e.g. for the public sector.

    Thorough Knowledge for Innovation Projects

  • An idea or invention is an innovation only after its successful commercialisation. Benefit from expertise combining innovation theory with practice.
  • Promote your marketing and focus on core technical competence. Support for planning and running development projects targeting e.g. to the Finnish markets.

    Strategic Business Consulting

  • Comprehensive business strategies and views to future options for a business plan, innovation or technology strategy
  • Expert services to solve problems in management, matching with the development phase of the enterprise
  • Help to the entrepreneur when updating the Business Plan and catching future schemes
  • Innovation and technology strategy to define the core competence of the enterprise

    Marketing plan

  • A part of the business plan but useful also as itself
  • Supports the everyday marketing by providing useful information on the target market, competitors, competition means and future prospects
  • Particularly internationalisation requires a good knowledge on the target markets and enterprises already operating in the market
  • Market information is essential in product development and other development projects. When the target customer group is carefully chosen, marketing and sales become more efficient.

    Targeting to the Finnish markets?

  • Sectoral information and other information services
  • Market research to match your needs: study on potential customers or a focused customer survey
  • Checking contact information to your Finnish partners, customers or suppliers
  • Assistance in participation to a Finnish exhibition or with the customer contacts before it
  • Help with post exhibition operations, summarising the customer contacts or making additional inquiries
  • Ask for a skilled, part-time extra pair of hands!

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